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One of the best (if not the best) web comic ever produced is Joe and Monkey by Zach Miller.  For nearly a year (or more) The site has floundered in hiatus-ville, causing many to ditch the site for greener pastures.  Fortunately, today all that changes with a brand new 157 page story. Today is a glorious day. Mainly because I’ve returned to Joe and Monkey after almost a year’s time. Monday’s comic is the first page of a 157 page story that spans DECADES. If all things go well it should be posted three days a week without any interruptions

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Action FiguresDCMattelToys

Matty Collector has announced the Adam Strange/Starfire six-inch action figures two-pack for the DCU Universe Classic series goes on sale January 15, 2009 at 12:00 PM. Since these figures are super articulated, it’s no wonder why you have to be 18 to order the figures. Can I get a WOOT! via Matty Collector

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DCDVDSmallvilleSneak PeekWarner Bros.

Smallville: The Complete Seventh Season arrives September 9, 2008 from Warner Home Video, and in addition to all the episodes (Laura Vandervoort and Kristin Kreuk in HD WOOT!), the DVD collection includes several special features including Supergirl: The Last Daughter of Krypton, and Jimmy on Jimmy.

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AnnouncementsBoom StudiosFrom the EditorMark Waid

Hey everybody!  If you have been listening to the Major Spoilers Podcast since the beginning, you know we are big big fans of Mark Waid.  Well tonight, Matthew, Rodrigo and I had the pleasure of chatting it up with Mr. Waid, the Editor in Chief of Boom! Studios, for next week’s show. We had a limited time, but we were able to cover topics ranging from his tenure at Boom!, differences in small and big companies, the problems with the industry (and possible fixes), what Mr. Waid likes and dislikes about his own work, and the idea of leaving behind

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