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Press Release Today IDW Limited announced the release of Woodwork: The Complete Work of Wallace Wood (1927-1981) in a deluxe, limited-edition format. The book features an exclusive cover and slipcase, a hardcover portfolio containing eight lithograph prints and a signed and numbered photograph taken by Wallace Wood’s longtime friend and personal photographer Gilbert Ortiz. There’s a little touch of Wood inside each book, as they have been individually hand-stamped by Wood’s own Snorky stamp, loaned to IDW Limited by the Wood estate specifically for this release. (

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The end of yet another era This month sees the end of three Batman family titles, with Nightwing being the first to go dark.  It seems fitting that of the three (Nightwing, Robin, Oracle), that Dick Grayson takes the bow, as he was the first side-kick.  With Batman “dead” (snicker-snicker, foolish citizens of the DCU), it appears the Dick is up for the task of protecting the city, but is the city ready for Dick?

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Or – “I Think We Can Be Certain It’s Not Really Final…” I started to try and write a big clever open, but y’know what?  RACCOON WITH A HEAVY MACHINE GUN!!!!! How am I s’pose to top that?

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Oh how great it was to see a new Captain America come in to the fold last month. Captain America issue number 34 was truly one of the classics. But let me get this straight right from the start, to avoid any of the presumably already half written emails I would be getting. Steve Rogers was, is, and always will be, the only Captain America in my eyes. James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes is just filling in for his lifelong friend until he comes back.

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