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Sneak Peek Wonder Woman #752

[Preview] Wonder Woman #752

Wonder Woman’s struggle against Valda heats up in Wonder Woman #752! Take the jump for a sneak peek of what is coming your way this Wednesday from DC Comics.

Review Wonder Woman: Death Earth #2 Review 9.0

Wonder Woman: Death Earth #2 Review

Wonder Woman begins her journey across the blasted remains of Earth to Themyscira, the last of humanity in tow.  Yet, what awaits her in paradise will shake the princess to her core. Your Major Spoilers review of Wonder Woman: Dead Earth #2 awaits!

Review Wonder Woman #750 Review 8.0

Wonder Woman #750 Review

It’s a big anniversary for the Amazing Amazon and another new beginning for DC! Your Major Spoilers review of Wonder Woman #750 from DC Comics awaits!

Review Wonder Woman: Dead Earth #1 Review 8.0

Wonder Woman: Death Earth #1

After being woken up from a mysterious slumber, Wonder Woman finds herself in a blasted, mutated, cruel world. Only her love in humanity can save it. As long as it remains. Your Major Spoilers review of Wonder Woman: Dead Earth #1 from DC Comics, awaits!

Sneak Peek Wonder Woman #750

[First Look] Wonder Woman #750

DC Comics has released a first look at some of the interior pages for the upcoming Wonder Woman #750, that features the story and artwork from what seems like thousands of writers and artists.

Variant Covers

Wonder Woman #750 features eight variant covers

On January 22, the landmark Wonder Woman #750 hits comic book stores and participating digital retailers, spotlighting Princess Diana and including incredible stories from her past, present and future. This oversized tribute to one of pop culture’s most enduring heroes is guaranteed to become a collectors’ item when it hits stores.


Major Spoilers Podcast #852: Wonder Woman: Her Greatest Battles

Wonder Woman fights the bad guys through the ages! Jason Inman is here to talk the 2019 Comic Drive! Plus, we review The Magicians #1, Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Death of Superman #1, Robotech Remix #2, and Jojo Rabbit! What are you waiting for? Take the jump and get to listening to the Major Spoilers Podcast.

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