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Boom StudiosCthulhuSneak Peek

We’re cutting it close with this week’s collection of sneak peeks from Boom! Studios, but we got’em just for you.  Take the jump for Cthulhu Tales #5, Fall of Cthulhu: Godwar #2, Station #3, and Warhammer: Condemned by Fire #5.

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MarkosiaSneak Peek

AAM/Markosia has announced its latest series, Ritual, will arrive in December.  The series is written by Andy Briggs, with art by Sawn McCauley. Publisher Harry Markos explains, ‘We’ve been working with Andy Briggs for a while now so when he approached me about the possibility of developing some new properties I jumped at the chance! Andy is incredibly talented and prolific with many ongoing projects at the moment, including movies, TV and as a published author of several books. I figured that he’s worth getting involved with now rather than wait until he has the sort of success that I

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Boom StudiosDCFinal CrisisMajor Spoilers PodcastPodcastTeen Titans

This time ‘round: Captain Trips Revisited! Captain Marvel Decomposing! New Muppets Rising! New Gods Falling! Sixteen year old sociopaths! Seventy year old universes in crisis! And former Captain America Steve Rogers is still dead!!! All this and more in our longest Major Spoilers Podcast, the Podcast of Champions, the Podcast that tries harder, the Major Spoilers podcast is on the air. [podcast][/podcast] Direct Download Subscribe via iTunes RSS Feed Podcast Alley Show Notes After The Jump.

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Boom StudiosGaming

If you are a gamer, enjoy playing Warhammer, and love MMORPGs, then you will probably love getting in on the Beta of the new Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning coming from EA Mythic. Boom Studios and EA Mythic have teamed up to give readers of Warhammer: Condemned by Fire #1 a one in five chance to get in on the beta test. Each copy of the first issue will contain a scratch card, and with really good odds, I’m guessing there are going to be a lot of satisfied readers and gamers out there Of course even with those odds,

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