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Zenescope Entertainment

Josh Medors is still going through treatment for spinal cancer, which has caused him to fall behind on the Willow Creek series he was working on for Zenescope Entertainment.  To help relieve the stress of trying to get a comic complete while going through recovery, Zenescope has postponed the series until his health returns. “Right now Josh’s treatment and recovery absolutely comes first and foremost.  When Josh is ready to get back to work, he will, but until that point he needs to focus on what’s important and that’s getting 100% better.” said Zenescope VP Ralph Tedesco.  He has so

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Auctioncomic conventionEmerald City ComiConFrank Frazetta

Last week at the Emerald City Comic Con, the organizers and Frazetta Comics put together an auction to benefit Josh Medors’ fight with cancer. The best part about the entire event is it raised over $10,000 for Josh’s medical bills. “The response of the comics community and fans alike has been amazing,” Medors said. “The money raised not only helps out with medical expenses, but it also takes a great weight off my shoulders and helps me focus on what positives I can. I could never thank everyone enough for what they have done for me.” What started off with

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AAM/Markosia has announced a brand new story arc for the Starship Troopers ongoing series. Three stories, linked over two parts by writer Cy Dethan, with guest writers Tony Lee (Doctor Who) and Christian Beranek (Willow Creek), and guest artists Neil Edwards, Scott James and Jim Boswell. It’s the Vandals versus the Tigers in a race to save the federation against the Civilian Militia — but who are the Reaper Cell and what is their connection to SICON? “When Harry [Markos] asked me to come on board to co-write the story, my immediate answer was ‘yes’,” says Christian Beranek in a

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Auctioncomic conventionEmerald City ComiCon

23 April 2008 (Berkeley, CA) – Unknown to the general public, FRANK FRAZETTA’S SWAMP DEMON, RUNES OF RAGNAN, WILLOW CREEK, GI JOE and 30 DAYS OF NIGHT artist Josh Medors has been fighting cancer for the past several months. In his time of need, Image Comics and Frazetta Comics have stepped in organize an auction with all proceeds going straight to Josh.

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Sneak PeekZenescope Entertainment

Willow Creek from Zenescope Entertainment tells the tale of a big city policeman who becomes the deputy sheriff in small town America, and discovers murder, mayhem, and Bigfoot? Zenescope Entertainment has sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of the first issue that arrives in stores this week.

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