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In what might be the strangest movie news you here all day, Will Ferrell and Adam McKay will be executive producers for a new animated Flinstones movie currently in development at Warner Bros.

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  Ever wonder, “What if Lex Luthor actually beat Superman?” Well, wonder no longer, that is basically the premise behind Megamind, and sometimes getting exactly what you want, is the last thing that you want to happen. Take the jump to find out if this movie soars like a bird, or plummets like a rock with cardboard wings.

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For almost two decades the Schmuck has been the undisputed king of comedy. There’s just something about a guy (or girl, a Shmuckette, if you will) who doesn’t have it together that just makes people laugh and laugh. Or at least it did. Now it seems the winds of comedy are a-changin’ and it doesn’t look good for the schmuck.

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Will Farrell made a big entrance at the San Diego Comic-Con yesterday dressed as his character from the upcoming Dreamworks animated movie, Mastermind.  Audiences got to see an extended trailer at the panel, and today, we bring that trailer to you, our Dear Major Spoilerites. (no, I’m not drunk…)

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Just found this trailer to Dreamworks’ Megamind that arrives in theaters on November 5, 2010.  There looks to be a lot of funny, and quite possibly a bit of tragedy in this Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt animated comedy. Giant poster, and trailer after the jump.

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