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This week on the Major Spoilers Podcast, the Major Spoilers Crew are taking on Preacher Volume 1 from DC Comics. Amazon description: Here’s a book guaranteed to offend a bunch of people, not only because of its profuse profanity and graphic violence, but because it’s the epitome of iconoclasm. Like a brutal accident, you can’t watch but you can’t turn away. The story follows an ex-preacher man, Jesse, who has become disgusted with God’s abandoning of His responsibilities. So Jesse starts off into the wilds of Texas with his hitman girlfriend and new best friend (a vampire) to find God

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Or – “How DID Devil-Slayer And Son Of Satan Co-Exist, Anyway?” I give Tony Stark a lot of crap, especially since he turned into Doctor Doom for our own good, but it’s obvious that the man doesn’t understand one whit what makes the Defenders tick. The point of the Non-Team was always that it’s members CHOSE to associate with one another, and then events just sort of occurred AROUND them. Far from being a low-rent Avengers, the Defenders were instead friends and associates who acted heroically in those situations where big-name teams couldn’t have gone or wouldn’t have even bothered.

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Congrats go out to James L White for having his Hunter’s Moon comic nominated for not one, but two Glyph Awards.  White is nominated for Story of the Year and Best Writer. “Being nominated for one Glyph Award is an honor. Being nominated for two is an absolute blessing. I am so pleased to be recognized amongst so many comics greats. Writing is my passion, and it makes even more fruitful when others enjoy my work, so thank you,” said James L. White, writer of Hunter’s Moon. About Hunter’s Moon Stockbroker Lincoln “Linc” Greer, divorced dad, is looking forward to

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