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Nicktoon Network has sent Major Spoilers a press kit for the upcoming Iron Man: Armored Adventures series that premieres Friday, April 24, 2009 on the Nicktoons Network.  Take the jump for more images from the two-part premiere, and look for our complete review of the episodes next week.  I can tell you now, from the parts I’ve seen, this is a series that does not follow the movie timeline.

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Or – “The Real Story Behind The G-Men…” For several weeks now, Wee Hughie has been undercover inside G-Wiz, the junior team of John Godolkin’s G-Men, a team of (oddly familiar) social outcasts with wild powers and a need for some Melodramamine.  He has found that his teammates are almost decent people, despite Butcher’s protestations not to get involved.  Hughie’s cover was blown last issue, and now the last living member of G-Whiz is about to spill Godolkin’s secrets… OR ELSE.

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In this TED Talk, Scott McCloud summarizes his Understanding Comics tome, very brilliantly. In this unmissable look at the magic of comics, Scott McCloud bends the presentation format into a cartoon-like experience, where colorful diversions whiz through childhood fascinations and imagined futures that our eyes can hear and touch. You should watch this, even if it is just for the amazing presentation that he put together. via

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