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One of the great things about Magic: The Gathering is how structured and (generally) balanced it is. Each color has a handful of paths that it likes to follow to victory and if you stay within that framework you can build a decent deck without too many problems. The other great thing about Magic: The Gathering is how the storyline (and yes, for those newbies out there there is a storyline) will often COMPLETELY WARP those strategies. Check out my deck recommendations, after the jump!

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Wizards of the Coast was kind enough to send Major Spoilers an intro pack for the upcoming Magic 2013 let’s crack it open.

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If you follow Mark Rosewater (head design superguy for M:tG) on Twitter then you got to see this somewhat blurry spoiler: But if you follow Magic: The Gathering on facebook you got to see the non-blurry version. Take the jump to get a good look at it and also to read my ultra-insightful thoughts on the card.

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