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Boom StudiosReview

Thriller the way I likes ‘em When I decided to give The Remnant #1 a once over for a possible review, I didn’t know I was getting myself into what could be the best thriller comic of the year.   One would think almost getting blown up would be the worst thing that could happen in your day.  For former CIA Agent David Sacker, things do get worse as his wife is picked up as a possible suspect, and then a stranger you saw at the scene of the crime shows up, uninvited at your house.

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ReviewVirgin Comics

“I think the garbage cans and toilet brush are a nice touch…” After the bad experience I had with Jenna Jameson’s Shadow Hunter, I was a little hesitant to review yet another new title from Virgin Comics. But not everything from Virgin is bad. The company’s Dan Dare series is actually quite good. So with two titles on opposite ends of the spectrum weighing in, I sat down to read The Megas by Jonathan Mostow and John Harrison, wondering where it would fall on the scale of good to bad.

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