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The action between the lords of the Gotham underground has heated up to the point where villains are taking down villains, buildings are blowing up left and right, and the… what?  You don’t remember seeing much, if any, of that action in the pages of Batman: Battle for the Cowl?

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DCGeoff JohnsReview

Poor, Solomon Grundy.  Born on a Monday, died on Saturday.  Ever doomed to reborn again and again, each time with a different mental state.  One life he could find himself a rampaging brute, the next a gentle giant, but always the undead brought back; forever cursed, never to find rest.  Until DC got a hold of him.

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DCFreddie Williams IIReviewRobin

Out with the old, in with the new Last issue ended with the reveal that two of Robin’s former foes were actually one playing both roles, and with Gotham City about to fall into chaos, what is a young side-kick to do?  The answer, Dear Reader, is for him to grow a pair and step from behind the cape to become a hero in his own right.

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Time for everyone to take sides If the Sinestro Corps War was the sleeper hit for DC last year, then Superman: New Krypton should be the hit for 2009 (although I think we all know that title will fall to Blackest Night).  Here Superman must decide what is best for is adopted home; stand with his fellow Kryptonians, or fight for what is right.  It seemed like Kal-El would stand with his fellow Kryptonians early in the series, but a single act of aggression has Kal firmly on the side of Earth.  Too bad there are 100,000 Kryptonians ready to

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After a day at the San Diego Comic-Con I’ve seen people shuffling around in a daze almost like they were zombies.  This year, thanks to Boom! Studios, you can actually get made up to look like a zombie thanks to monster makeup artist John Wrightson. What do you have to do to get this special treatment?  According to the company, simply buy a Boom! Studios Zombie t-shirt at the company booth (#2543).  The shirts cost $20 and feature the cover to Zombie Tales #3 by artist Shane Oakley. “It’s the perfect plan!  People will be paying us to turn them

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