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From the EditorMajor Spoilers

Everyone who listens to the Major Spoilers Podcast know we pick three interesting stories for the week, and then spin the Wheel of Destiny/Morality/Fortune (actually it is a dice roll) to determine which one we will actually talk about.  This week, we’re giving YOU the chance to decide what we should ramble on about. Here are the choices: Television rumors and tidbits JMS exits Thor Wolverine: The End SDCC’09:  Lucasfilm and G4TV Voting closes at 8:00 PM on Tuesday, so cast your vote now.  And don’t worry, there will be a regular Major Spoilers Poll of the Week appearing here

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Why can’t they stay dead, again? Things are heating up under that tight leather and mask everyone seems to be wearing in Batman: Battle for the Cowl #2.  The Wheel of Destiny is spinning and someone is bound to walk away with the title of Batman.  With a lot of animosity between the Wayne underlings, someone’s gonna get it right in the chest… perhaps even two somebodies. Yes, there are some spoilers ahead, but you’ll have to pick them out from my rantings.

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