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With a bazillion people reading the Scott Pilgrim series, and the movie in production, it’s a pretty sure bet that merch will fly off the shelves when the movie hits.  That is if Universal Studios Consumer Products Group can find someone to produce the clothing, accessories, action figures, novelties and whatnot. When those figures do become available, I’m hoping they are the Bryan Lee O’Malley designs and not Michale Cera version. via Global License

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Blackest NightDCGreen Lantern

Like yesterday’s Green Lantern break down, DC has released a page featuring the Red Lantern Corps, complete with the who and the whatnot. As we head into BLACKEST NIGHT, from mega-stars Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis, how familiar are you with the rest of the colors of the emotional spectrum? Yeah, thought so. That really annoys me. Some might say, it makes me angry — and we all know what happens when you get really angry? Rage. Yes. See what I’m trying to do here? via The Source

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