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If you are in the Los Angeles area, you might want to head down to Meltdown Comics and Collectibels on Wednesdays in January to see if you get your purchases rung up by Boom! Studios Editor in Chief Mark Waid. Last week Boom! Studios staffers descended on Meltdown Comics to great regulars and to promote the company release of Hexed #1.  The event went well so for the rest of January the Boom! crew will show up at Meltdown to promote the company’s latest releases, and I bet if you ask, sign a few things for you. “Some of the

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Marvel has just announced the final issue of Secret Invasion will now arrive in stores on December 3, 2008.  Seems the extra pages and the hectic schedule were just too much for Leinel Yu. “Anybody who pored over the artwork from #7 a week ago can easily see how he and Mark Morales have been putting their all (and then some) into every page and every panel, and that effort has finally caught up with us. Hopefully, retailers and fans will forgive us these extra two weeks as we make sure that everything is in the shape it should be

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Or – “Major Spoilers, Major Time Crunch!  I Blame Stephen!”   There’s a couple of reasons why I do what I do here at Major Spoilers…  The first is, I love comics, and I know you do, too.  (See what I did there?)  I want you to look at Wednesdays the same way I do, with a combination of joy, expectation, and “What in the world will they do next?”  Basically, I want to share the love. Also, and possibly more importantly, I’m an attention whore.  Problem is, I actually have two jobs other than this one, both of which tend

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