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For whatever reason, Major Spoilers gets a huge number of vistors from search engines looking for Peyo’s Smurf news.  Well web surfers, here’s another morsel for you – the 3D Smurfs movie will be hitting theaters on December 17, 2010.  It’s just in time for the holidays, and while I’m not sure the movie will be highly successful in the United States of America, in Europe is should come on like gangbusters. Another bit of news that I found interesting is the film is now a CGI live action movie – so expect to see 3D Smurfs running all over

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MarvelStephen King

Stephen King’s old material is once again hot, thanks to the things Marvel has been doing with the Dark Tower, and soon the Stand series.  Now Simon & Schuster, Marvel and CBS Mobile are joining forces to bring King’s unpublished N. to the small screen.  The mobile small screen. Complete press release and images after the jump.

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