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It’s certainly a possibility as Variety is reporting Jon Favreau is casting his eyes toward Emily Blunt to play the Black Widow in the upcoming Iron Man 2 film. Emily Blunt has emerged as the frontrunner to play Natasha Romanoff in the “Iron Man” sequel. She’s a Soviet superspy who doubles as Black Widow, a beauty in a skintight black costume enhanced by high-tech weaponry. She’s done some comedy and a few big dramas (Charlie Wilson’s War, The Jane Austen Book Club), and will appear in the upcoming Wolf Man movie from Universal. Marvel has issued a firm “no comment”

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Yes, you read that title correctly, the Silent Devil graphic novel is being turned into a d20 role-playing supplement using the Dungeons and Dragons system. D&D players will thrill to the campaign set in Arthur’s Camelot and specialized weaponry to combat the vampire menace. Other players can actually take up the mantle of a vampire knight and try and extinguish the hope of humanity forever! THe game called Vampires vs. Knights is being developed by Tony DiGerolamo. “Adam Beranek, one of the co-creators of DvKA, and I are thrilled Tony agreed to write the game based on our concept,” says

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