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The Avatar franchise of television shows is something that I give a lot of credit to for the portrayal of strong, diverse female characters and when Legend of Korra was announced starring a teenaged female Avatar it seemed like the logical next step in the development of this world. SPOILER: I am going to talk in some detail about events of the most recent season of Legend of Korra, if you haven’t watched it and are planning to, you might want to come back later. Legend of Korra would probably be a lot more successful is Korra were at all

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As the closing credits begin to role for Marvel films there are those that leave and those that stay to see another quick scene. But what about movies that don’t have end-credit scenes? Do those credits still matter?

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A couple of weeks ago, during a recording of Top Five, I made the prediction that in the next couple of years a stash of Doctor Who episodes once thought lost would be found. Since then, we’ve been inundated with people telling us of the newly discovered lost episodes from Nigeria. While some of you are once again claiming my prognostication record is better than Nostradamus, there is a better answer to this particular prediction than “Beware the Power of Stephen!” Nothing is ever truly destroyed.

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