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If you are wondering what happened to that copy of The Stuff of Legend #1 you had your eye on, but now it seems to be missing, it’s probably because it sold out, prompting Th3rd World Studios to go back to press to satisfy the demand. “From day one we felt this was the kind of project that had an opportunity to be something special if we could get enough eyes on it. We are happy to see that fans and retailers are giving it a strong chance to succeed in this difficult market,” said Th3rd World co-publisher Jon Conkling.

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Sonofagun!  For the last year, I’ve been faithfully saving my Anti-Monitor points from Mattel’s Infinite Heroes line.  I was hoping it would lead up to a major reveal where toy fans could mail away for a humongous Anti-Monitor, or at least some special figure not found anywhere else. The good news is, there is a point to the point collecting, the bad thing is you HAVE to be at the San Diego Comic Con to cash them in. You can look forward to new reveals for DCUC, Infinite Heroes, JLU as well as Movie Masters and Batman Brave and the

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Lawrence Kasdan, the guy responsible for Return of the Jedi, The Empire Strikes Back, and Raiders of the Lost Ark, has been hired to adapt Robotech for the live action flick starring Tobey Maguire. A sprawling sci-fi epic, “Robotech” takes place at a time when Earth has developed giant robots from the technology on an alien spacecraft that crashed on a South Pacific isle. Mankind is forced to use the technology to fend off three successive waves of alien invasions. The first invasion centers on a battle with a race of giant warriors who seek to retrieve their flagship’s energy

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