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Ten Things Ten Younger Selves Ten Things

Ten Younger Selves

*rocking on the porch, wearing an eyepatch and old age makeup*  Y’know, this reminds me of when *I* was a young hero…   Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Younger Selves!

Ten Things Shirtless Supers QOTD

Ten Shirtless Supers

Sometimes, superhero comics get referred to as “cape and tights” books, but nowhere do they say “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service.”  Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Shirtless Supers!

Review 7.3

Rorschach #4 Review

Who is The Kid? And why are she and Rorschach dead? Your Major Spoilers review of Rorschach #4 from DC Comics Black Label awaits!

Sneak Peek Rorschach #4

PREVIEW: Rorschach #4

The detective following Rorschach’s trail turns his eyes toward the vigilante’s female companion and today, we get Laura’s story in Rorschach #4 from DC Comics.

Review Rorschach #1 Review 7.0

Rorschach #1 Review

New comic on stands this week, Black Label on cover.  Major Spoilers review of Rorschach #1 from DC Comics awaits.  Hurm.

Ten Things Work From Home Ten Things

Ten Supers Who Work From Home

Not every super-type needs to swing across the rooftops to confront evil…  Some are much more comfortable at home!  Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Supers Who Work From Home!


Geek History Lesson #301 – Watchmen The Movie

Zack Snyder’s first superhero film based on the famous Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons Graphic Novel! This week, we’ll dive into 2009’s Watchmen because you requested it on Twitter. Does Doctor Manhattan’s blue vfx still look good? Does the Bob Dylan title sequence still hold up? And it Jeffrey Dean Morgan still the best? We’ll find out in this week’s episode!

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