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Sneak Peek The Batman's Grave #9

[Preview] The Batman’s Grave #9

The Batman knows his enemy. He knows what his enemy wants. Do you want to find out what Batman knows? Take the jump for a sneak peek of The Batman’s Grave #9 from DC Comics.

SDCC The Batman's Grave

Ellis and Hitch reunite for The Batman’s Grave

DC Comics has announced The Batman’s Grave, a new twelve-issue maxi-series, from Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch, that features the World’s Greatest Detective inhabiting the mind of a murder victim, without filling the empty grave next to his parents.

Featured Cemetery Beach #1 Review

Cemetery Beach #1 Review

Chained naked in cell #592, Michael Blackburn launches an audacious escape attempt as he strives to understand how this off-world colony came to be.  Join him as punches his way through this gritty dystopia in Cemetery Beach #1 from Image Comics.

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