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Weapon X #1
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What happens when you try and take on Old Man Logan, Sabertooth, Lady Deathstrike, Warpath and Domino at the same time? I’m gonna better there is a lot of Snikt/Snikt going on as the Weapon X program relaunches.

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Ten Things
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War, it ain’t nothing, but a heartbreaker! Friend only to the undertaker! Ooooh, war, it’s an enemy to all mankind! Welcome to Ten Things!

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We at Major Spoilers have discussed the trend of directors heading to social media to show behind the scenes images and make announcements and it has happened once again. X-Men Days of Future Past director Brian Singer headed over to Vine to let us know Bishop and Warpath will be in the film.

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With Archangel getting his wings all changed up, readers are wanting to know what happened – to keep up with demand, Marvel has announced it is sending X-Force #5 back to press.

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