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DC Harley Quinn / Gossamer #1 Review

Harley Quinn/Gossamer #1 Review

Since it’s the fifth week of the month, DC again continued its practice of releasing some crossovers between their own characters and those from the Warner Bros. cartoons.

Given Harley Quinn’s recent popularity, I thought it would be fun to review her meet-up with Gossamer, that big, red, hairy monster! As always, there are two tales in this issue—one similar to DC’s style of storytelling, and the second more like the cartoons.

DC Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing gets a new series on DC Universe

When DC Universe, the upcoming DC digital service launches, we’ll get a live action Teen Titans series, the third series of Young Justice, a Harley Quinn series, and the just-announcedSwamp Thing live-action drama series.

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