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The Phantom Stranger appears!

There has been a lot of hype about the upcoming Superman: Red Son, from Warner Bros. Animation, and rightly so, as DC enters its second Elseworlds animated movie. But what has always amazed me with these direct to video features is the short that runs ahead of many of the movies. When Superman: Red Son arrives, be on the lookout for the Phantom Stranger short featuring Peter Serafinowicz and Michael Rosenbaum.

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Joker Movie Review

The classic Batman villain Joker at last has his time to really shine in the new Joker film, directed by Todd Phillips.  Ever since the trailer was released, opinions have varied about this incarnation.  Now with its release swirling with controversy, the most important questions to comic fans are getting lost.  Is it any good?  Worth seeing?  What happens?  The MAJOR SPOILERS review is after the jump!  I REPEAT, MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!  You have been warned…


Batman Beyond gets a Blu-ray release

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has remastered the heralded series for its first-ever presentation on Blu-ray™ in the all-encompassing Batman Beyond: The Complete Animated Series Limited Edition.

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This week begins one of those times that many comics fans look forward to with great anticipation: San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), held this year from Thursday, July 18th, through Sunday, the 22nd, with a preview night on Wednesday, the 17th!


Warner Bros. celebrates 90 years of Popeye, the Blu-ray release of V, and remastered Jetsons at SDCC

Warner Archive Collection covers the past, present and future at 2019 Comic-Con International with a trio of entertaining panels slated for the weekend – a Thursday celebration of  Popeye’s 90th Birthday; a Friday revisit to the landmark V: The Original Mini-Series, currently being remastered for Blu-ray; and a spotlight on The Jetsons (for its upcoming newly-remastered-for-Blu-ray release) and the terrific primetime history of Hanna-Barbera.


Warner Bros. announces new DC Showcase animated shorts

One of the big draws in the early days of the DC Animated Movie Universe was getting those really awesome short subjects ahead of the main feature. Yesterday, Warner Bros. announced five new shorts will appear between now and late 2020.  First up, Sgt. Rock…

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