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Bluewater ProductionsFree Comic Book Daywilliam shatner

Bluewater Productions has announced it will have a special one-shot collector’s edition of William Shatner Presents in time for Free Comic Book Day.  Included in the anthology is an original prologue story from the upcoming Tek War series. This 12-page prequel takes place 4 years before the initial storyline.  The story centers on protagonist Jake Cardigan’s arrest and conviction for murder as well as Tek trafficking.  The story also  leaves several clues as to important plot points that will happen in the series.  We get an insiders look at the Tek War universe and the history behind Jake’s  troubled past.

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DCRann Thanagar Holy WarReview

I was actually looking forward to this comic, the second installation in the Rann-Thanagar Holy War series. I’m a science fiction nerd at heart, and whenever you get guys flying around with ray-guns and rocket packs, I’m a happy man. And this issue was just as good as the last one, with a story that really has me interested by Jim Starlin.

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