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From the EditorMajor Spoilers

This week on the Major Spoilers Podcast, the Major Spoilers Crew is taking a peek at the first arc of Ed Brubaker’s Immortal Iron Fist from Marvel Comics. Amazon Description Many years ago, in the mystical city of Kun’ Lun, young Danny Rand stared at a suit behind glass – the garb of the “Immortal Iron Fist” – and knew that he was destined to wear it. But where did this costume come from? Why did it wait for Danny all those years like a shadow of his future? The answer to those questions will stun both him and his

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Diamond Comic DistributorsNew Comic Releases

Here is the New Comic Release list for comics scheduled to be in stores January 2, 2009. There may be items on this list that are not shipped at the last minute, or new material may be added. Check with your local retailer for more details. This list was last updated December 29, 2008.

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Image ComicsSneak Peek

It’s Thursday, which means its another sneak peek of titles arriving next week from Image Comics. This week finds previews for Casanova #14, PvP Volume 5, Screamland #3, and True Story, Swear to God #11.

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