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In this issue: Do YOU know the way to San Diego? Bunches of classic characters return from new companies! Tom Welling finally puts on tights! Faithful Spoilerites on a pilgrimage of geektitude! And your take on some DVD goodies! Plus: Bilateral Symmetry! Vince McMahon has a message for Bob Kirkman: He wants his swerve back. Rodrigo needs courage, Stephen needs a brain, and Matthew’s still searching for his way home… Show me the power, child, I’d like to say that I’m down on my knees today. It gives me the butterflies, gives me away, till I’m up on my feet

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Image ComicsInvincibleReprintRobert Kirkman

If you missed the done in one crossover epic from Image Comics, Invincible #60 makes a return to stores next week, according to the company. “Telling an entire inter-company crossover in a single issue is something I’ve had my eye on for awhile,” Kirkman said. “It wasn’t easy to do, but the results are totally kick ass! I got the chance to play with Image’s full line of superheroes, including a few you haven’t seen in awhile, like PITT! It was a lot of fun for me to put INVINCIBLE and company through the ringer in a fight that completely

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