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Full disclosure: While the last couple of Retro Reviews represented the top-selling Marvel and DC books of the year 2005, I can’t find the numbers on the top-selling independent books.  (The Top 300 Comics of that year consist entirely of Marvel/DC joints, unsurprisingly.)  So, looking month-over-month, I found an issue that sold really well and seemed noteworthy, then rolled my mental dice and figured we’re probably close enough…  Either way, we’re in for quite a ride with Mark Millar at the helm. Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of Wanted #6 awaits! **Today’s Retro Review contains adult themes, language and violence. 

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Image Comics

Comics can be very addicting. One only has to look at the 10,000 plus comics gathering dust and space in the Major Spoilers HQ Nerd Room of Doom! to see that.  Image Comics wants to hook new readers on their sweet, sweet candy with a new Image Firsts campaign. Beginning in September, Image will reprint and re-release 10 first issues that introduced major characters to the comic universe.  The new issues will be released through November, with each featuring a $1 cover price. “Response to Image Firsts has been phenomenal,” exclaims Image Publisher Eric Stephenson. “So, we are expanding the

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Major Spoilers PodcastPodcast

This time around: dolls in the sky, nobles in the dirt, frank rocks in the art house, and Eminem’s in your face with a gun. Plus, “Art Thou Not Tyler Durden?”, dead men don’t wear capes, a general inability to refrain from our geekery, an almost certain overuse of the word “anyway”, and a big “Bongiorno” from the Italian Spiderman. A MAJOR SPOILERS THANK YOU GOES OUT TO DAVID M. and ERIC M. FOR DONATING TO THE SHOW! THANKS GUYS! NOTE: Because of the nature of the content contained within the Wanted title, there are some strong words that earn

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