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Once upon a time, Steve Spielberg and George Lucas teamed up to create a loving tribute to the movie serials of the thirties and forties.  Who knew it would spark a decades-long multimedia property?  Woudja believe eleven-year-old future Major Spoilers EIC Stephen?  Plus: All your submarine questions answered, once and for all!  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of (deep breath) Marvel Movie Spotlight Featuring Raiders Of The Lost Ark #1 awaits!

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Halloween Comic Fest 2017
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I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – Free Comic Book Day is one of the most creative and successful ways to attract new readers/customers into local comics shops ever conceived. Well, following on the heels of that success is Halloween ComicFest, which hasn’t quite caught on with the same vigor. However, I think it’s time to make this event another great one when it comes to spreading the word about our love for comics!

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The inscription clearly reads “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor!” Hearken back to a time when worthiness arrived from the most unexpected quarter…  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of Thor #337 awaits!

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The End of Days has come!  Ragnarok is here!  So is Walt Simonson artwork! Major Spoilers has your review!

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comic conventionPress ReleaseRhode Island Comic Con

Press Release Steven Perry of Altered Reality Entertainment and organizer of Rhode Island Comic Con announced today the most recent guest for the upcoming 2-day media, toy and comic book event. A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, Walt Simonson is a popular comic book writer and artist whose notable works include The Mighty Thor, X-Factor, The Uncanny X-Men, The New Teen Titans, among many others. Simonson, a convention favorite among fans, will be appearing at Rhode Island Comic Con for the entire weekend.

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Or – “To Battle The Phoenix…” The Avengers have split their forces to face down the dual threat of the X-Men and the Phoenix Force.  Can even Earth’s Mightiest Heroes stand for long against this kind of assault?  Your Major Spoilers review awaits…

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Marvel has released the variant cover to the upcoming The Mighty Thor #1 from artist Walt Simonson.  Take the jump for the full image, and a breakdown of the action.

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Baltimore Comic Concomic convention

The Balitmore Comic-Con has released its updated list of guests participating in the convention kicking off Saturday, September 27, 2008. Guests We’ve announced guests from all walks of the industry already, including stars such as Brian Michael Bendis, Jeff Kinney, Jim Lee, Bernie Wrightson, Tim Sale, Darwyn Cooke, Mike Mignola, Steve Dillon, Guy Davis, and Geoff Johns, just to name a handful. We regret to announce a few cancellations: David Finch (whose wife is having a baby), Gene Colan (back problems), John Romita Sr. (conflict), and Mike Grell (conflict) are unable to attend this year. But don’t despair! The Baltimore

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