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The Wall Street Journal will be interviewing Stan Lee on Friday at the Lincoln Center in NYC as part of its weekly WSJ Weekend Conversations series.  The event begins at 10:00 AM and is absolutely FREE to anyone who can make it down to Lincoln Center.  Stan Lee is going to be all over the New York Comic Con this year, but his schedule and access is very tightly controlled.  So, if you want to see Stan Lee, the Wall Street Journal event may be the best place to see him before things get wild and crazy. via The Wall

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The Wall Street Journal has a good article outlining H’wood’s big drive to turn popular toy properties into movies. The craze for toy-driven feature films has given rise to a new term in the Hollywood lexicon. In production meetings, studio executives have begun asking if a particular project is “toyetic” — meaning whether its concept can lend itself to a toy, and whether the project will be able to sell tickets and merchandise. Toward the end of the article, the next big toy to movie announcement is made.  Hasbro recently acquired the rights to the Micronauts, and is looking at

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According to an interview at the Wall Street Journal, the Superman franchise is going to get a complete reboot ala Ang Lee’s Hulk movie.  But this time Warner Bros. is actually taking something away from the big summit it had with DC and some of its creators and the recent success Marvel has had with its properties. According to the interview with Jeff Robinov, Warner Bros. plans on releasing at least two tent-pole films a year based on DC characters.

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