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A-ForceFeaturedMarvelReviewSecret Wars

There is a traitor in Arcadia and now she stands revealed!  But why would she betray her comrades-in-arms?  Your Major Spoilers review of A-Force #4 awaits!

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So… Wolverine is dead (spoiler), but a team has risen to take his place. Wolverines #1 is their story.

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Amazing Spider-ManFeaturedMarvelReviewSpider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man has been gone for a while now, replaced by a new, superior, spider title. But for all those Peter Parker fans who have been yearning for a new adventures with the original Spider-Man, Marvel has you covered. They have rolled out a series of “point” issues that serve as series of in-canon Peter Parker stories that take place before the “last” issue of Amazing Spider-Man. Find out if they are any good with your Major Spoilers review!

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