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It’s been a very good week for Boom! Studios.  First it announced a new imprint – Boom! Kids – that will house the company’s kid friendly titles.  The company then followed up by announcing a distribution deal with Kable Distribution Services, Inc., which will get those Boom! Kids titles onto newsstands across the country. “We want to get our line of Pixar/Disney comics into the hands of every child out there,” said Ross Richie, Co-Founder and Publisher of BOOM! Studios. “Working with KDS, who has a strong record with handling kids comics in the newsstand market, I am confident that

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DCLegion of Super HeroesReview

Or – “File This Book Under ‘Hopes, Dashed’…” The reviews of the W/KRP “Threeboot” version of the Legion of Super-Heroes have been, to say the very least, somewhat mixed.  It’s old-school Silver Age undertones were appreciated by the Legion’s ancient fans (read: myself) but there was enough revisioning going on to draw the attention of the not-so-seasoned Legion readers (that’d be Stephen.)  When Waid and Kitson left the book, I was afraid it would devolve into either a series of riffs on the original, pre-Crisis Legion, or worse, would go off on some bizarre tangent that would bear no resemblance

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