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Hero InitiativeThe DarknessTop Cow

Top Cow Productions has announced it will print a limited-edition variant cover to The Darkness #7 with all sales from the book going to The Hero Initiative.  The cover will be drawn by Phil Hester and will only be available at Wizard World Texas, November 7-9, in Arlington, Texas. “Phil Hester is not just an amazing writer and top-flight artist, but a heckuva nice guy,” beamed Jim McLauchlin, president of The Hero Initiative. “We’re very pleased that Top Cow has helped us out in creating this killer cover.” “The Hero Initiative does a great service to the comics community by

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The DarknessTop CowTrade Paperback

For those who have hesitated on picking up the new Darkness series, might have reason to make the jump as Top Cow announced the first trade of Darkness: Accursed will have a $4.99 price point. “Just like we did when Ron Marz first took over writing Witchblade, we want to reward longtime readers of The Darkness and at the same time entice new readers to come and check out Phil Hester’s storytelling, and you just can’t beat $4.99 for six, full-color quality issues of a comic series,” proclaimed Top Cow VP Marketing and Sales Mel Caylo in a prepared statement.

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PreviewTop CowVampires

Top Cow has announced Impaler will get an ongoing series from the company.  The vampire thriller by William Harms with art by Matt Timson has had success with the first trade paperback, thus more vamp stories are on the way. “Vampires continue to resonate with people – just look at the success of properties like HBO’s True Blood and Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight books,” said Top Cow’s VP Marketing and Sales Mel Caylo in a prepared statement. “We recognized Impaler is truly a fresh, new spin on the ‘vampire mythos’ and were excited to keep the story going. We think it

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The DarknessTop CowWitchblade

Top Cow Entertainment has announced the Broken Trinity website is now live at The site is to support the three part story coming from the company this summer, that features Top Cow’s Trinity of The Darkness, The Angelus, and The Witchblade. “Broken Trinity is going to establish a new status quo in the Top Cow Universe,” said Top Cow VP of Sales and Marketing Mel Caylo. “This site will help fans and new readers alike prepare themselves for the events that will see at least one major character die, a new artifact discovered, and a few other surprises that

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