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Who is Voyager?

Marvel has released a teaser for a new character coming to the Marvel U.

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Another San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone, and there’s been a TON of news! I always like to point out that media outlets will be catching up with everything that happened for at least the next month or so, so I recommend patience. To check out news from SDCC, you can still click on the button in the right-hand column of the site that has the SDCC logo that says, “Major Spoilers Coverage Here.” With the Internet providing instant contact for information, it’s given those of us who are fans the chance to express our opinions in a hyper-quick time

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Many of Marvel’s All-New, All-Different #1’s are going to cost $4.99 an issue. After that, it’s likely they’ll go back down to $3.99 each, but once that price barrier has been broken, will the House of Ideas be able to keep the cost down? I doubt it!

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