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My good friend, boss, and racquetball partner, Stephen Schleicher is a big fan of the Animated Universe that spiraled out of the Batman Animated Series. Specifically, he affirms that Kevin Conroy is the best Batman voice actor ever. And I tend to agree. So what’s the problem, you ask? I believe there are times when you should NOT use the best man for the job.

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As one of the stars of the ABC hit series “Ugly Betty,” Ana Ortiz has enchanted the primetime audience playing Hilda Suarez, big sister to the title character. Today, Ortiz offers fans a 180-degree acting pivot from her most noteworthy role by voicing gritty detective Anna Ramirez in the DC Universe original animated film “Batman Gotham Knight.” The film is available today, July 8, on DVD, Blu-Ray and OnDemand. Ortiz initially auditioned for the same part in “The Dark Knight,” but lost out to Monique Curnen. Her disappointment didn’t last long as casting/dialogue director Andrea Romano took one look at

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