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Sneak Peek James Bond #2

[Preview] James Bond #2

James Bond is forced into a world he doesn’t understand in James Bond #2 from Dynamite Entertainment. The issue arrives in stores on Wednesday.

Sneak Peek Wonder Woman #750

[First Look] Wonder Woman #750

DC Comics has released a first look at some of the interior pages for the upcoming Wonder Woman #750, that features the story and artwork from what seems like thousands of writers and artists.

Sneak Peek James Bond #1

[Preview] James Bond #1

There’s a new James Bond series kicking off this week, and we have a sneak peek of James Bond #1 from Dynamite Entertainment, after the jump.

Review Marvel Action: Black Panther #6 Review 9.0

Marvel Action: Black Panther #6 Review

Wakanda is abuzz as the political summit and the scientific conference are both prepared to happen. But when big politics meet advanced science, there are sure to be some bad actors looking to take advantage. Will T’Challa and Shuri be able to keep it all under control? Find out in MARVEL ACTION: BLACK PANTHER #6 from IDW Publishing.

Review 7.3

Morbius The Living Vampire #1 – Review

Michael Morbius turned himself into a living vampire to try and cure his rare blood disease. However, this change in his genetics gave him an unrelenting bloodlust. Come check out his story in Morbius The Living Vampire #1 by Marvel Comics!

Sneak Peek Livewire #12

[Preview] Livewire #12

With the whole country watching, Livewire is targeted by a trusted confidant, will she remain America’s Most Wanted? Find out in this sneak peek of Livewire #12 from Valiant Entertainment.

Sneak Peek Livewire #10

[Preview] Livewire #10

Amanda McKee—a.k.a. technopath psiot “Livewire”—fights to clear her name in this week’s Livewire #10 from Valiant Entertainment.

Sneak Peek

[Preview] Livewire #9

A new story arc begins in Livewire #9 from Valiant Entertainment, and we have your first look at the issue, after the jump.

Review Xena: Warrior Princess #5 Review 7.3

Xena: Warrior Princess #5 Review

Xena, Gabrielle and Discord continue their globe-spanning journey, this time with a stop in ROMANIA! The women and children of a village keep coming up missing while the men are being slaughters, and of course, Xena and Gabrielle are determined to help. Discord? Not so much. What will it take for Discord to get into the team spirit? Find out in Xena: Warrior Princess #5 from Dynamite Entertainment.

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