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Writer Ed Brisson (SHELTERED) and Adam Gorham (Dead Drop) come together for an all-new ongoing series in THE VIOLENT—set to launch from Image Comics this December.

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Those crazy WWE superstars have arranged themselves into the emotional spectrum corps from the last major arcs of Green Lantern. This was definitely not something I expected to see when I went in looking for pictures of Kelly Kelly this morning. Via WWE

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I dig the Robin title. I’ve liked the character of Tim Drake Wayne since he was first introduced way back in August of 1989 (Batman #436). I liked what happened with the Robin character following One Year Later (for better or worse). I’ve liked what I’ve seen with Robin trying to get his love life in order and really coming into his own as a powerful character. But I have to say, the last several issues playing up the “Who is Spoiler?” story line left me pretty flat.

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