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There have always been epic battles waged for the fate of the world, and today’s Art Appreciation Moment comes from Mark Brooks featuring characters the Rival Schools characters from Capcom and Udon’s Darkstalkers.

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Thor and the Red Hulk got into it in Hulk #5, and to make sure everyone has a chance to get their hands on the sold out issue (at the distributor level), Marvel is going back to press with a new cover of the Jeph Loeb series. “Five issues.  Five sold out.  And the second printings too!” said Loeb. “I’ll have to tell McGuinness’ kids to stop buying so many copies!  Seriously though, I gotta thank Warren Simons and the entire Thor crew who were so helpful at getting the God of Thunder to guest star in this issue.  And

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What happens when Red Hulk and Green Hulk meet? No, not purple Hulk, although I suppose that is a possibility, but a smack down drag out fight that only The Watcher can enjoy. Marvel has sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek at Hulk #4.

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