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A vile den of drugs and villainy If I had to run down a list of movies that have a special place in my heart, Touchstone’s Who Framed Roger Rabbit would certainly be on the list.  I really fell in love with the idea of cartoon characters living side by side with humans, and when you throw in a big mystery and a song and dance number, how could you not like this movie?  Image Comics’ Shadowline imprint just released Archibald Chases the Dragon, and it brings back almost all of the memories from that crazy rabbit film.

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Or – “The Breakout Character Find of 2008 (Or Possibly 2007, I Can’t Remember)…” Okay, I admit it.  One of the less-important draws (no pun intended) of this series is the wonderful work that artist Mahmud Asrar puts into female leads Slingshot and Scrap.  Aside from being well-sculpted ladies (and, DIFFERENTLY sculpted at that) our feminine protagonists have personality, in their faces, the way they move and stand, even in their subtlest body language.  So, when I heard that this issue was going to feature Scrap in (essentially) solo action, I can’t say that I was terribly disappointed.  Certainly, it’s

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or, three issues later and there are still no “save Layla” plans A new month of comics dawns and I get to return to one of my favorites, X-Factor. But, as the sub-heading suggests, I am a little troubled at the lack of “Layla” that I’m finding in these issues (though, she at least got a mention this time around). That being said, I can’t help but love this comic. X-Factor aren’t overly fond of authority, and that is just the way I like it

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