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Avengers Infinity War

With just over a month to go, Marvel has released the second Avengers; Infinity War trailer.

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WWE #18
Boom StudiosSolicitationswwe comics

BOOM! Studios has announced the Fight Forever story arc will kick off in WWE #18, and will feature the partnership between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

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Shadows: An Overwatch Film - Widowmaker
BlizzardFan FilmGamingMoviesOverwatchVideoVideo Games

Time to step away from the Star Wars fan films and see what is going on in the gaming fan film world. Just released is Shadows: An Overwatch Film – Widowmaker that takes us into the world and lore of the game everyone can’t stop talking about.

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Fan Film Friday One Day I'll Become
Fan FilmStar WarsVideo

Yes, the Star Wars fan films continue with this fascinating tale of a young boy who just wants to grow up to be a Jedi…

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Avengers #684

The Hulk returns in Avengers #684, and Marvel has released this teaser trailer showcasing the return.

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Last week, DC Comics was at the American Library Association Mid-Winter conference in Denver, Colorado to talk up the upcoming line of books from DC Zoom and DC Ink.

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Fan Film Friday Rebel Scum
Fan FilmStar WarsVideo

Yes, yes, we’ve been featuring a ton of Star Wars fan films recently, but for good reason – there are so many of them, and there are also so many of them that are worth sharing. For example, this week’s Rebel Scum from Blood Brother Cinema Co.

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AnimationDreamworks PicturesNetflixTelevisionTrailerVideoVoltron

On March 2nd, 2018, Netflix will release the fifth season of Voltron: Legendary Defender on its streaming service. The company has released a new trailer for the upcoming season.

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Incredibles 2

The Incredibles still stands as one of my all-time favorite animated movies, and one of my all-time favorite superhero movies. With the coming release of Incredibles 2, everyone wants to know what Brad Bird and company will bring our way. Last night, we got our first look at the new trailer.

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Jabba the Hutt
3D PrintingStar WarsVideo

One of the greatest things about 3D printing is how it changed the prop and cosplay culture seemingly overnight. Over the last couple of years, makers have started creating life-size helmets and characters, but to date, no one has created a life-size Jabba the Hutt figure.. until now. YouTuber Mighty Jabba’s Collection is taking on the challenge of  3D printing the most famous Hutt.

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Legendary DXP
FeatureFeaturedGamingLegendaryMajor SpoilersStephen PlaysUpper DeckVideoVideo Games

This week, we continue to play Legendary DXP for iOS, Android, and Steam (PC). Plus, The Great Nate O joins in on the fun!

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Fan Film Friday Rogue One A Star Wars Toy Story
AnimationFan FilmStar WarsToysVideo

If you are too busy to play with your kids, you might just want to take in the bigger message in this week’s Fan Film Friday. In The Rogue One: A Star Wars Toy Story, the action figures come to life to bring more fun to a daughter and her father.

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Deadpool Flashdance Poster
20th Century FoxDeadpoolMarvelMoviesTrailerVideo

A new trailer has arrived for the upcoming Deadpool sequel, and for the first time, we get to make fun of Superman’s mustache and get our first introduction to Cable. Make sure you watch the whole trailer because it is very much a Deadpool trailer.

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Solo A Star Wars Story

Moments after debuting on Good Morning America, the full Solo: A Star Wars Story official teaser trailer has arrived.

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