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Dark Horse ComicsSolicitations

PRESS RELEASE: Dark Horse proudly announces the newest video game art book in its long line of best-selling, award-winning titles with The Art of Metal Gear Solid V!

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Attack on TitanVideo Games reports that KOEI Tecmo America (Dynasty), are working to bring the Attack On Titan experience to consoles everywhere. Today they what is being called an “announcement trailer”: “The game will follow the storyline of the first season, which revolves around Eren Jaegar’s quest to avenge his mother and take out the imposing titans once and for all. As you can see in the trailer, KOEI is attempting to bring that same sense of scale into the game, and the combat looks to take after the show, with your characters zipping across the skyline attempting to bring the titans to their knees.” From

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Fan FilmVideoVideo Games

Remember shoving hundreds of dollars in quarters into the R-Type video game machine back in the ’80s? Yeah, good times blowing up the aliens while leveling up your ship with powerful new weapons.  Now, Paul Johnson has taken his love for R-Type and turned it into an animated short.

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LegoStar WarsTrailerVideoVideo Games

The LEGO video games are always a lot of fun, and with the LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens game arrives, I’m sure many an hour will be spent in front of the television having fun and busting bricks. A new trailer for the game has arrived that gives us a glimpse of the scope of the game.

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wb lego marvel dlc
AvengersGamingLegoMarvelVideo GamesWarner Bros. Interactive

If you have completed your adventures in LEGO Marvel’s Avengers game, you have something to look forward to on March 29th when the first DLC pack arrives.

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MangaPress ReleaseSolicitationsVIZ Media

PRESS RELEASE VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), the largest publisher, distributor and licensor of manga and anime in North America, delivers brand new manga action inspired by Capcom’s Monster HunterTM, one of the hottest RPG video game properties.

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Dark Horse ComicsGamingSolicitationsVideo Games

Fas of the popular Microsoft game, Halo, now have something else to be excited about this morning, as Dark Horse Comics reveals details about its upcoming Halo anthology series.

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GamingstatuesVideo Games

Quiet, the sniper from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, has been recreated as a 1/6th statue from Gecco Corp.

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GamingVideo Games

Here’s one more esport competition that I’m totally not qualified for, the Rocket League Championship!

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InfographicVideo Games

Fat Wallet has a new infographic that runs down the most bad ass female video game characters – EVER!  Will the top spot be a surprise, or will you have a different take on the ranking?

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Dark Horse ComicsFeaturedReviewTomb Raider

Lara Croft is an archeologist with a penchant for exciting adventures and supernatural artifacts. When a new adventure finds her, will she be up for the task? Find out in your Major Spoilers review of Tomb Raider #1

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Action FiguresMcFarlane ToysToysVideo Games

McFarlane Toys has announced an agreement with Respawn Entertainment to produce a line of action figures based on the upcoming game Titanfall 2.

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Dark Horse ComicsGamingSolicitations

It looks like a new version of DOOM is coming our way in May, and Dark Horse Comics is collecting some of id Software’s best art in a new tome.

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Dungeons And DragonsGamingVideo Games

Perfect World Entertainment Inc. and Cryptic Games have announced the ninth expansion to the Neverwinter MMORPG, titled The Maze Engine.

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