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Marvel Legacy

Marvel released three more Marvel Legacy titles and creative teams working on them.

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FeaturedJean GreyMarvelReviewX-Men

The wait is over.  The X-Men have returned, full-force, to the Marvel Universe, including a solo series for the one founding member who has never had her own.  But there’s some unfinished cosmic business in Jean Grey’s future…  Your Major Spoilers review of Jean Grey #1 awaits!

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Jean Grey #1
MarvelSneak Peek

Jean Grey is going solo in Jean Grey #1, a new series from Marvel Comics. Take the jump for a sneak peek of the issue by Dennis Hopeless and Victor Ibanez.

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The X-Men eXplosion eXpands this Spring when Marvel rolls out Jean Grey’s solo series from Dennis Hopless and Victor Ibanez.

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Extraordinary X-MenFeaturedMarvelReviewX-Men

The X-Men are stuck in Limbo, forced into exile by the Terrigen mists which are fatal to mutants.  But can they survive on their own in a strange netherworld?  Your Major Spoilers review of Extraordinary X-Men #6 awaits!

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AvengersMarvelSneak PeekSolicitations

Marvel Comics has announced the upcoming release of Avengers #0 from Mark Waid, James Robinson, G. Willow WIlson, and more!

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MarvelPress ReleaseSolicitations

Press Release Marvel’s mightiest are back! The title that brought together the female powerhouses of the Marvel Universe has returned in an all-new series! She-Hulk, Medusa, Captain Marvel, Dazzler, and Nico Minoru are joined by the newest addition to Marvel’s pantheon of Super Heroes – Singularity. Coming this fall from award winning writer, G. Willow Wilson (Ms. Marvel, X-Men), and artist Jorge Molina (All-New X-Men, Thor), the premier female leads of the Marvel Universe must team up to tackle a mysterious new villain that not only threatens the lives of everyone A-Force holds dear, but also the very fabric of

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Storm #1 is the solo debut of one of the greatest X-Men of all time. Will the Windrider astonish in her series premiere? Find out, as your Major Spoilers review awaits.

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MarvelSneak PeekStormX-Men

Marvel sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Storm #1 by Greg Pak and Victor Ibanez that arrives in stores in July.

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This July, Storm gets her own title from Marvel.

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