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Press Release MADMAN ATOMIC COMICS’ Mike Allred and  SOUL KISS’ Steven T. Seagle confirmed they did not announce a new project at this year’s Comic Con International during the Mike Allred spotlight panel, citing the sheer number of announcements made at the show this year as reason enough to withhold information. “We would have been be lost in the shuffle,” Allred said. “Especially since I was already announcing the new graphic novel I am co-editing, ONE MODEL NATION, by writer Courtney Taylor and illustrator Jim Rugg as well my all-new the Vertigo series, I, ZOMBIE. I thought it might be

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Tommy Taylor continues to search for answers regarding his mysterious origins. This journey has now taken him to the Villa Diodati where with the help of the enigmatic Elizabeth Hexam he discovers an old safe that his father previously used, the contents of which contain both an important clue and a warning. Meanwhile a killer stalks the halls of the ancient house and members of a visiting horror writers group are being individually attacked and killed.

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