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This just in… Steve Rogers Lives! The death toll continues to rise as Magneto takes the mass destruction of the world up another notch in Jeph Loeb’s Ultimatum #3.

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With the cancellation of Robin, Nightwing, Birds of Prey, Legion of Super-Heroes, Checkmate, and Blue Beetle, anyone wanna place their bets on the next round of DC titles the company gives the axe to? On my list are Jonah Hex, something I’ve been proclaiming for a couple of months, that god-awful piece of crap Simon Dark, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Batman Confidential also bites the dust.  DC killed Blue Beetle just weeks after his debut on Batman Brave and the Bold, The Legion of Super-Hereos appear on an upcoming episode of Smallville with the comic series ending

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Image ComicsSolicitations

Shadowline, an imprint of Image Comics, has announced it will release 20 years of Ted McKeever’s work beginning this October with his first collection Transit. “To think after 20 years that I would be returning to TRANSIT is almost abstractly absurd,” said McKeever in a prepared statement. “TRANSIT had become my personal holy grail, but now, with this collected hardcover edition, I can roam free of it’s gaping wailing and allow it to scab over while I move on to new roads.” Following Transit, Shadowline will release Eddy Current and Metropol. Each edition will feature the definitive versions of McKeever’s

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