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Review 7.0

Maestro: War and Pax #4 Review

The Maestro has been defeated! Bruce Banner has been tricked, captured, and shot at by the Pantheon. But what will happen to the citizens of Dystopia? Find out in Maestro: War and Pax #4 by Marvel Comics! 

Review 7.0

Maestro: War and Pax #2 (of 5) Review

Maestro has tyranny over Dystopia, and now he must extend his control to the rest of the world. However, Doctor Doom and the Pantheon stand in his way! Find out if he succeeds in Maestro: War and Pax #2 by Marvel Comics! 

Review 9.0

Marvel’s Voices: Legacy #1 Review

Marvel’s black heroes are being featured in this action packed special! Come see new and established writers take on some of the best heroes in Marvel Voices: Legacy #1 by Marvel Comics! 

Review 5.0

Maestro: War and Pax #1 Review

Bruce Banner has declared himself the new ruler of Dystopia. But now his sights are on the rest of the world. Find out Hulk’s next target in Maestro: War and Pax #1 by Marvel Comics! 

Review 6.0

Iron Fist: Heart of the Dragon #1 Review

Iron Fist is back in a miniseries. Someone is killing the ancient dragons and Danny Rand must figure out what is going on! Check it out in Iron First: Heart of the Dragon #1 by Marvel Comics! 

Review 6.7

King in Black: Iron Man Doctor Doom #1 Review

Knull, the God of the Symbiotes, is on earth and this forces the strangest of alliances. Will Iron Man and Doctor Doom be able to come up with a plan to save Earth? Find out in King in Black: Iron Man Doctor Doom #1 by Marvel Comics! 

Review 8.0

King-Size Conan #1 Review

Come check out several stories featuring the mighty Conan the Barbarian. See him working as a mercenary, a pirate, and a war leader in King-Size Conan #1 by Marvel Comics!

Review 6.3

Savage Avengers #16 Review

Conan, Magik, the Black Knight, and Juggernaut are in a battle with an Asgardian Dragon! Will they be able to beat Sadurfang or will they turn into a pile of ash? Find out in Savage Avengers #16 by Marvel!

Review 7.3

Shang-Chi #1 Review

Shang-Chi is trying to live a quiet life working in a restaurant in Chinatown. However, it seems like his past is back to haunt him! Find out more in Shang-Chi #1 by Marvel Comics!

Review Sword Master #10 Review 6.0

Sword Master #10 – Review

Lin Lie has inherited the mystical sword of Fu Xi and must figure out how to use this new weapon. He was searching for his father, but suddenly his brother who disappeared has suddenly returned! Figure out this mystery in Sword Master #10 by Marvel!

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