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CosplaySolicitationsValiant Comics

While Marvel is making a big deal with its cosplay variant covers, Valiant Entertainment has subverted their exclusives by releasing a cosplay variant cover series of its own… featuring cats!

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Jason Inman has an exclusive video look at all the Dark Knight 3: The Master Race #3 Variant Covers hitting your local book shop tomorrow!

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In May, Apocalypse Wars rages into comic book stores, and Marvel will meet the siege with twenty variant covers.

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BatmanBatman V SupermanDCSupermanVariant

In March, DC Entertainment will continue its variant cover program, this time tackling Batman v Superman. Are you ready for a ton of polybagged variants?

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MarvelSecret WarsVariant

With Secret Wars still flying to its conclusion, Marvel is hoping to restructure with a series of variant covers that give us the Story Thus Far.

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If you are bored, or need to relax, DC Comics will release a number of black and white variant covers that you can color, arriving in January.

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BatmanDCFrank MillerVariant

DC Comics has released the variant covers for Frank Miller’s Dark Knight III: The Master Race #2 featuring art by Cliff Chiang, Klaus Janson, Eduardo Risso, Frank Miller, and Jim Lee.

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Comics PortalFeaturedMarvelOpinionSkottie Young

Now, more than ever, comics companies will do literally anything to sell you their product. Variant covers, blank covers, crossovers … you name it! Well, the latest addition to these methods is called the “adult coloring book.” Apparently, you buy the comic, bring out your crayons and markers, then go to work as your own colorist! Yes, really! THE LATEST ADDITION TO THIS LINE How this caught my attention was through a press release from Marvel announcing that James Patterson’s comics (converted from his novels) will be turned into Color Your Own James Patterson during 2016. “Marvel and James Patterson

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Titan ComicsVariant

If you love chasing variant covers, Titan Comics has unveiled four new covers for the upcoming Deus Ex #1 written by Alex Irvine, with art by Jon Aggs.

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Sneak PeekSolicitationsTitan ComicsVariant

Titan Publishing has released two variant covers for the upcoming Man Plus #1 by André Lima Araújo.

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Doctor WhoSneak PeekVariant

Who’s ready for the continuing adventures of Doctor #8? Titan Comics releases Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor #1 next week, and has released all of the variant covers that you can collect and share!

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BatmanDCFrank MillerVariant

Yesterday we had the pleasure of looking at Dave Gibbons wonderful variant cover for the upcoming Dark Knight III: The Master Race series. Today, DC Entertainment sent us five – FIVE – more retailer variants to share with some of our favorite people in the world.

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baltimore comic con logo
Baltimore Comic Concomic conventionDynamite EntertainmentPress Release

Dynamite Entertainment is pleased to announce their participation in next week’s Baltimore Comic-Con, taking place from September 25th through 27th at the Baltimore Convention Center. Dynamite, a leading publisher of comic books and graphic novels, will host a booth, welcome creator guests for signings, highlight their current and upcoming projects in two separate panels, offer eight exclusive Baltimore Comic-Con comic books, and debut retro Vampirella t-shirts and Will Eisner’s The Spirit prints to attending fans.

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BatmanDCFrank MillerVariant

DC Comics sent us five new variant covers for the upcoming Frank Miller Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1, featuring art by Rafael Albuquerque, Klaus Janson, Eduardo Risso, Tyler Kirkham, and Lee Bermejo.

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