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When I walked into the comic shop last week and saw Red Tornado #1, I was rather surprised. Here was a character that I always saw in a supporting role and not really as the front and center headline type. He had been a big part of the Justice League of my early youth, was the mentor for Young Justice, and had recently been a pretty important player in some modern Justice League of America storylines.  I remembered reading the issue of Crisis on Infinite Earths where he became an elemental, as well as never being able to find a

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vs. My Patience This past week finally saw the end of one of the most god-awful series DC has ever produced.  Surprisingly, I’m not talking about Final Crisis or Batman RIP, rather the horrid horror/superhero mini-series Superman & Batman vs. Vampires & Werewolves.

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and Cthulhu and mad scientists and a bunch of stupid people I can’t believe I’m still reading, yet alone reviewing, this series from DC Comics.  The premise is simple; Superman and Batman taking on Vampires and Werewolves.  It’s too bad the first two issues were missing one of the title characters.  Does this issue deliver the goods as the title proclaims?  And then some.  In this case, though, it isn’t a good thing.

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Oh… Dear… God… NO! I can understand the zombie craze.  I can appreciate the love affair with the undead vampire.  I can even go so far as to say werewolves have their place in story telling.  But dear jeebus, why’d you have to convince someone in DC editorial that Superman & Batman should take on Vampires and Werewolves?

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