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SolicitationsTitan Comics

Titan Comics continues to expand its Hammer Horror line with Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter. And to kick off the comic book adaptation of the 1974 film, the publisher has hired Dan Abnett and tom Mandrake to chronicle the new adventures.

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VideoVideo Games

To celebrate the release of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter fans  have created an 8-bit game/video that feels like the Nintendo version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I would slap money down on midnight if this game was ever developed.

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The New York Times has the first look at Benjamin Walker decked out as President Abraham Lincoln, for the upcoming movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. “There’s something in the American psyche, we want our presidents to be warriors,” [said Seth] Grahame-Smith, . “We’re giving that to Abraham Lincoln, sort of posthumously in this case.” Every time I show the original book trailer to people, they roll their eyes and crack up at the notion, but if the filmmakers can handle the subject matter seriously without it turning into a slapstick parody of the genre, this could be a pretty awesome

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