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Dark Horse and Valve are excited to present a collection of comics that dive deep into the characters and history of Dota 2, the most played game on Steam.

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We’ve seen and discussed the need for fan participation in pop culture; in this day and age fan-fiction/film/comics are vital for a property to survive. This is why it comes as no surprise that a new fan-comic based on Half-Life has surfaced.

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Who doesn’t love Portal? What’s more, who doesn’t enjoy the adorable, deadly turrets found in the Aperture testing facilities? Best yet, who else wants one of those turrets? Well, for now the only place that gets one is Valve HQ, but we can at least enjoy the unboxing after the jump.

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Premiering with the Orange Box in 2007, Valve’s Team Fortress 2 has become one of their most popular and valuable franchises. Part of this has included introduction videos, dubbed “Meet the. . .,” of each of the classes, and the sandvich, slowly releasing them with all but the Pyro having a video. That changes today, take the jump for “Meet the Pyro”.

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This week on the show: Batman, Portal, Left 4 Dead… and Comics! [podcast][/podcast] Direct Download Subscribe via iTunes RSS Feed Show Notes after the Jump!

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Dark Horse ComicsPress Release

Press Release It’s official!  Remember reading the Left4Dead comic online as soon as the game hit stores!? Remember Team Fortress 2?! And who could forget Portal 2? Well now you can have them all collected into one fantastic hardcover, courtesy of Dark Horse Comics undying effort to bring you the finest quality comics in print!

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There are few games worth beating in a single sitting; the original Portal was one of them. The game was fun yet challenging, original yet well developed, and the deadpan humor brought on by the AI “GlaDOS” made it one of the most memorable games of 2007. Since then, gamers have had a field day creating their own mods and diabolically hard test chambers, “Still Alive” became a regular song on many playlists, and phrases like “ the cake is a lie” have become commonplace. The short story and intriguing ending left gamers wanting more though, and after seeing the

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