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COMICS PORTAL: Reprints Make Sense!

I always appreciate the comics news here on, and I read the recent news release about Valiant Comics reprinting several of their classic stores. I like that, so let me tell you why!


Comics for HIM to Read in Isolation

Many of us are currently finding ourselves inside of doors with a lot of spare time for reading on our hands. Why not take advantage of a time like this by diving into some Collected Works, Omnibi, and Graphic Novels?

Comics Portal Comics Portal Craving Capital

COMICS PORTAL: Comics Companies Crave Capital!

I was intrigued recently when I read a news release posted here at MajorSpoilers about Dark Horse partnering with Vanguard Visionary Associates. Now, it’s not unusual for American companies to accept funding from overseas companies—Valiant Entertainment has done that, for example.

It does show that the industry is always looking for more money so they can offset those not-so-great comics while they work on selling more successful ones!

Opinion SC Comic Con

COMICS PORTAL: Large Cons Versus Small Cons

This past weekend, I was attending SC Comic Con at the TD Convention Center in Greenville, South Carolina. I’d never been to a comic convention in this state before, so I was curious to see how this went.

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