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Review the Harbinger #3 Review 6.3

The Harbinger #3 Review

One of the most notorious psiots of them all, Pete Stanchek has resurfaced in Chicago, and chaos has bloomed in his wake.  Your Major Spoilers review of The Harbinger #3 from Valiant Entertainment awaits!

Ten Things Ten Impossible-To-Keep-Clean Costumes Ten Things

Ten Impossible-To-Keep-Clean Costumes

Suspension of disbelief is a fragile thing. Sometimes it can be broken by an action, sometimes by a word… Sometimes, it can be broken by laundry. Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Impossible-To-Keep-Clean Costumes!

Review Ninja-K #12 Review

Ninja-K #12 Review

The life of the Eternal Warrior hangs in the balance and only Colin King can keep him from finally dying!  Your Major Spoilers review of Ninja-K #12 awaits!

Ten Things Ten Things

Ten Space Force Heroes

Recently, some very smart people have been saying that we need a new force, a Space Force. Lots of people have been saying it, so maybe that could happen bigly! Then again… maybe it already has?


Punk Mambo #0 Review

From the pages of ‘Shadowman’ comes the sensational new character find of 2014!  (Don’t question…

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