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AMC has been doing some big things in the cable realm over the last couple of years.  The Mad Men series took off like wildfire, and now it looks like AMC is looking to adapt Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead for the small screen as well. Frank Darabont is on board to write, direct and exec produce the project, with Gale Anne Hurd of Valhalla Pictures and David Alpert of Circle of Confusion also executive producing. I’m glad a cable network picked up the rights to this property instead of a movie studio, which really couldn’t do justice to the comic

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Or – “Turn And Face The Strange Ch-Ch-Changes…” One of the pitfalls of a team the size of the Legion is that certain characters tend to fall between the cracks.  Sure, we know all about guys like Mon-El, Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy, and even Andromeda, but the backstories of others (say, Star Boy, Sun Boy, and today’s entrant) have taken literal decades to play out.  One of the most ethereal of Legionnaires, today’s subject is also one of the longest tenured, even serving three tours as Legion leader and several more as deputy.  His costume colors and varying (but always

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